About Michael Zboray

Michael P. Zboray, was born and raised in Manchester, Connecticut. He graduated from high school in June of 1968 and joined the US Army. After basic training and then engineering training, he shipped out for Vietnam in December. He was only eighteen.

After his service he entered into a short, bad marriage. The only good to come out of that time was his daughter, Carla Michelle. After the divorce he moved to Las Vegas to start his life over. He moved around the country for a few years and wound up in Maine visiting an old friend from Connecticut where he met the love of his life, Debra. They have been married for 34 years and he cherishes his time with her and feels that she is the reason he is alive and well today.

Michael was recently diagnosed with PTSD and has been undergoing counseling to cope with unresolved issues from his service in Vietnam. He and Debra have lived in Gray, Maine for the last twenty years.

This book has been a long journey that began in 1990. Since Vietnam veterans are passing away at an ever increasing rate, because of their war injuries, by their own hand from demons of a war that won’t go away or simply old age, he has finally devoted the time and effort to finish and release it.

Michael Zboray
Michael P. Zboray