This has to get out there. I need to say it like it is. I can’t understand how a video of a kitten playing with a ball of string or some personal view of this or that celebrity gets a million views in a week and a serious effort to explain the Vietnam War from a “first person” teenagers perspective that took 28 years to complete can’t get a second look. What’s up with that? There seems to be so much shear content out there in the blogosphere that the really significant stuff is lost in the noise of the mass volume of useless garbage that is added minute by minute daily. I don’t give a shit about what you ate for breakfast this morning or that you’re walking down the street in New York… and I suspect no one else does either. This daily drivel of vanity crap is clogging the pipes and slowing the flow of the really important content. It is a waste of time and everyone’s life to even read it. Get a f—king life!

TEENAGERS WAR – VIETNAM 1969. website –

There’s a book you can read from this site that will help you understand that war from a perspective that has not really been covered before. Through the eyes of a teenage soldier as it affected his daily life and without the gory details everyone has seen so much of already. It’s available for $9.95+ shipping for the paperback or as a download through Amazon/Kindle for $4.99. Get it… read it… get informed. You know something, the Vietnam War was a mess, it was a waste, but it HAPPENED people! The veterans who served there are dying off by the hundreds every month and soon there won’t be any left to tell the stories. Get ‘em while you can!

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